Velodators Sigma BC 12.0

Produkta kods: COMP307
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Apraksts - Velodators Sigma BC 12.0
Wired Sigma BC 12.0 offers optimal balance of functions can be used for two bicycles. A large display packed into a sporty design makes it an essential companion for every ride. Despite the compact format, the bike computer’s display is large and therefore easy to read. The large button makes switching among the data quick and easy, even while riding. Another practical feature is the monthly summary of the totals so the rider can review their training over the year.

Computer has the following main functions:
Speed (kmh/mph)
Average speed
Comparison of cur./avg. speed
Maximum speed
Trip distance
Total distance (Bike 1/Bike 2)
Ride time
Total ride time (Bike 1/Bike 2)
Clock (12/24h)
Current temperature

Additional features:
Full text display with seven available languages
Predefined tire sizes
Can be used for two bikes
Ride time upto 100 h
Automatic start/stop
Watertight in accordance with IPX8
Data retention when batteries are replaced (settings and total values)
Battery status indicator (computer head + transmitter)
Automatic pairing
Backlight (not constant)
Easy tool-free mounting
Compatible with the docking station (not included)

Package includes: Wired cycling computer Sigma BC 12.0, wired CR2032 monitor mounting bracket with Speed sensor, magnet, two mounting O-rings (Ø 35mm, 45mm) , manual.

Device/display size (height x width x depth): N/A
Display size: N/A
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Velodators Sigma BC 12.0
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Velodators Sigma BC 12.0

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