Velo apavi Northwave Overland Plus MTB AM black

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Apraksts - Velo apavi Northwave Overland Plus MTB AM black

It’s a high-performance shoe, extremely light and comfortable, designed to handle the toughest terrain. Its VIBRAM sole will keep you safe while you are out in the elements. If you are a fan of E-bikes and Trail and you are after a shoe that can support you on long days on the saddle and fit during a quick break this is exactly what you need.

Dual closure system that combines velcro with our SLW3. This solution controls the pressure distribution on the upper arch of the foot to avoid unnecessary pinch points and hot spots while riding. The combo works perfectly on the entire foot: the SLW3 rotor tightens the shoes from mid instep to toes, while the strap focuses on securing the upper arch.

Product technical specifications

  • Thermowelded layer construction provides superior protection with minimized thickness and weight.
  • The small insert in TPU makes the shoes highly abrasion resistant and protects from frequents impacts.
  • Ripstop reinforced shoes upper and tongue to enhance durability and allow your shoes to be worn in any conditions.
  • Tongue made with a thin layer of padding for maximum comfort even when you are handling extended miles.
  • The rear part is carefully designed to adapt to your heel avoiding slippage and delivering a precision fit at all time.
  • Weight: 440 g


VIBRAM FORT AUGUSTUS SOLE - clipless sole designed to empower traction and braking with an unparalleled grip on wet and dry surfaces.

X-DIAL SLW3 CLOSING SYSTEM - Differentiates the pressure between the top of the instep and the toe for even better adaptability. The only one closure system that offers step by step and full opening release with just 1 single trigger. It allows to distribute the pressure along the entire surface, eliminating hotspots and provide glove-like fit.

Ultra-fast - you can tighten or loosen the shoe in a flash. Pull to release: pull the button to instantly undo the shoe completely.


EVA MIDSOLE - reduces weight and improves shock absorbing.

TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) REINFORCEMENTS

SHOE SIZE CHART: https://bit.ly/3uGmAll

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Velo apavi Northwave Overland Plus MTB AM black
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Velo apavi Northwave Overland Plus MTB AM black

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