Riepa 20" ORTEM M-1500 50-406 / 20x2.0

Produkta kods: TIRE148
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Apraksts - Riepa 20" ORTEM M-1500 50-406 / 20x2.0
The tires of the ORTEM brand stand out for their good quality at an affordable price. ORTEM has a wide range of models to meet the needs of various cyclists. This brand has already proven itself among users seeking a balance between price and quality. ORTEM bicycle tires are manufactured in India by a company with extensive experience in producing various tires (including for cars and motorcycles), where modern technology, quality control according to ISO standards, and high-quality materials form an optimal combination, ensuring reliability and durability. ORTEM tires are made from quality materials, so they do not have a strong unpleasant odor and they mount perfectly on the rim.

M-1500 - for young cyclists! This tire is designed for 20" bikes, suitable for riding on smooth surfaces outdoors. The tread pattern, reminiscent of BMX style, comprises numerous small grooves and sipes, with a dot textured surface. This design minimizes the likelihood of slipping, and in wet conditions, effectively displaces excess water. The 50mm wide tire provides adequate riding comfort and grip on most surfaces.

Product technical specifications

  • Size ETRTO (mm): 50-406
  • Size in inches: 20 x 2.0
  • Probably the best quality and price ratio on the market
  • Manufactured in India in accordance with international ISO standards
  • Made from good quality materials - does not have a strong odour
  • The tire bead stays securely on the rim
  • Tire bead: Wired (non-foldable)
  • Inner tube is required (not included) – not compatible with tubeless system
  • Weight: 780 g
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Riepa 20" ORTEM M-1500 50-406 / 20x2.0
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Riepa 20" ORTEM M-1500 50-406 / 20x2.0

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