Riepa 28" Vittoria Mezcal TNT Fold. 700x35c / 35-622 anthracite

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Riepu sviras SKS Levermen (3pcs.)

Riepu sviras SKS Levermen (3pcs.)

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Apraksts - Riepa 28" Vittoria Mezcal TNT Fold. 700x35c / 35-622 anthracite
Proven MTB Technology, in a gravel version! The Mezcal is the versatile all-rounder tire. It features a unique low-profile tread that is tightly spaced in the center, for low rolling resistance and durability. Countless effective edges work together to grip on a variety of terrain, while directional siping on each knob make traction in the roots and rocks. Using the proprietary Graphene enhanced 1C compound, the Mezcal attains the holy grail of Gravel tires; grip, durability, and low weight.

Product technical specifications

  • Low rolling resistance
  • Works best in dry terrain conditions
  • Proven Tubeless TNT bead technology (TLR Reinforced)
  • Multiple effective braking and climbing edges
  • GRAPHENE technology
  • Tire Bead: FOLDABLE, Tubeless TNT (TLR Reinforced)
  • Size: 700x35c
  • ETRTO: 35-622
  • Material: Nylon, 120TPI (Threads per inch)
  • Compound: 1C Graphene (1 type of material with graphene technology)
  • Weight: 440 g


Gravel Endurance Casing (Tubeless TNT): Gravel Endurance is the robust Gravel casing option from Vittoria. Designed for the most demanding Gravel courses, this casing use an additional 120 TPI Nylon layer on the tire sidewall to prevent cuts and punctures. The tubeless-ready construction allows for resistance and strength without impacting too much on weight. BREAKER - Flexible anti-puncture belt reduces chances of unwanted snake bites and cuts to center of the tread.

TNT (Tubes No Tubes):Tubeless TLR tire with reinforced sidewalls. Tire can be safely used with both tubeless and traditional inner tube setups. It enhances durability and cut resistance, also offering Vittoria's legendary supple ride quality. TNT tire features two nylon layers placed on both sidewalls. These layers are crucial in protecting the tire casing from punctures and cuts caused by rocks and thorns.

About GRAPHENE technology in tires: Graphene is the innovative material used by Vittoria in compounds to improve performance of tires. Graphene is the world’s thinnest material but at the same time one of the strongest ever used for consumer applications. Made of a single hexagonal-shape layer of carbon atoms, Graphene interacts with rubber by filling the space in between the rubber molecules. It acts like a magnet, making rubber molecules closer to one another and improving the overall rubber structure. Graphene’s main properties are related to: Thinness / Strength / Flexibility / Lightness. Considering MTB tires, GRAPHENE 2.0 improves wet grip in all product lines.

Nylon Casing:Nylon is a robust and durable artificial fiber traditionally used for strong tire casings. Nylon threads are less thin than cotton ones, so casings have a lower number of threads per inch. The advantages of nylon casings is that they are strong and durable, extending the wear life of the casing. However, because it is an artificial fiber, it is not as supple (soft/flexible) as cotton.

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Riepa 28" Vittoria Mezcal TNT Fold. 700x35c / 35-622 anthracite
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Riepa 28" Vittoria Mezcal TNT Fold. 700x35c / 35-622 anthracite

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