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Produkta kods: STND93
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Apraksts - Ruļļa stends KMC
Based on more than 40 years of experience KMC is the world’s largest chain manufacturer. We, the people behind the brand, have a clear focus: The best possible product for your demand. Our chains feature 100% functionality, easy handling and maximum durability. Constant innovations underline our claim to be a true market leader in chain technology. Producing chains is a complex process, however KMC’s aim is very simple, we produce bicycle chains: For any system, For any bike, For any purpose.

Product technical specifications

  • This adapter converts DISREEL2 to wall mount
  • Wall mounted bracket
  • Allows single reels to be attached to the wall
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Ruļļa stends KMC
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Ruļļa stends KMC

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