Elektro velosipēds Ecobike SX5 29" 36V 2023

Produkta kods: ECO23110

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Apraksts - Elektro velosipēds Ecobike SX5 29" 36V 2023

Ecobike is one of the first e-bike manufacturers in Europe. This means company has a many years of experience in electric bikes manufacturing and it can offer an ideal price vs quality ratio. World-class components assembled carefully with love for bicycles in Poland. All these advantages gained trust across the entire European continent. When the road becomes unpredictable trail, there is no room for unproven solutions. You need a bike you can rely on. Meet the SX. An e-bike MTB that you won't hesitate to go further than the others. The Ecobike SX looks like it has been drawn by a simple movement, but its design is the result of complex work. The frame has been designed in such a way that, while maintaining good ergonomics, it can accommodate the entire battery. We have obtained a durable construction that holds the battery well, and inserting and removing it has become more convenient. As always with Ecobike, you can configure your e-bike with batteries of different capacities: 13, 16 and 17,5 Ah. Our proven electric system, which we have used on our bikes since years and we constantly improve, is responsible for a unique riding experience and reliable assistance. A powerful and maintenance-free Bafang motor that transfers power through the rear wheel will allow you to climb hills and will not give up even in difficult conditions. With the modern controller, you will not have to worry about the drive system - it will take care of itself while you are enjoying the ride. On the easy-to-use control panel you can read the most important parameters and choose the best settings for you. We want to be sure that the SX will not let you down, so durable equipment is a must. We used, among others high-quality Shimano derailleurs and hydraulic brakes, excellent SunTour XCM fork and very strong tires. We have created a new MTB model. Choose your favorite from among the three variants and go into unknown!


Capacity and range (Can be selected when ordering. If desired option is not shown, it may be sold out). IMPORTANT: distance is not MINIMUM-MAXIMUM range! Both values, for example 60-110km, are maximum distance depending on selected assist mode: [POWER]-[ECO] km. There is no minimum distance!, because it depends on many different factors. More info bellow.

13Ah: 60-100 km (MAX POWER - MAX ECO)

16AH(LG): 100-130 km (MAX POWER - MAX ECO)

17.5AH(LG): 90-150 km (MAX POWER - MAX ECO)


Voltage: 36 V

Mount: rear wheel hub

Motor assisted speed: 35 km/h (Limited to 25 km/h in accordance with EU standard EN 15194)

Torque: 45 Nm

Motor's brand: BAFANG

Power: 250 W

Maximum peak power (requires upgrade kit, which is NOT INCLUDED, upgrade on your own risk, we do not endorse it): 540 W

Computer: C300U


Fuses: 30 A

Lifespan: 700 charges

Type: Li-ion

Voltage: 36 V

Charger: 220-240V/42V / 2A / D type

Cells brand: LG

Smart BMS (Battery Managment System)

Battery can be removed for charging

CHARGING TIME: 7-8 hours

FRAME: Hydroformed aluminium


FORK: SR Suntour XCM, suspension

BRAKES: Alhonga HJ-HT472 hydraulic disc


CHAINWHEEL: Shimano ALTUS FC-M371 for 9-speed, teeth: 44x32x22, crank arm length: 170 mm



FREEWHEEL: Skilful 13-32T 9-speed

HANDLEBAR: Zoom MTB-AL-312BT, aluminium, riser 12mm, diameter in stem fixing spot (center): 31.8mm, length: 720mm

STEM: Promax MA-47, aluminium

HUBS: Front hub: KT-K68F / Rear Hub: Engine


RIMS: 29", reinforced


SEAT POST: Promax SP-252, diameter: 27.2mm, length: 350mm

SHIFTERS: Shimano ALTUS 3/9-speed

SPOKES: stainless steel, SAPIM

TYRES: 29 x 2.125 (54-622)

WEIGHT: 25.8 kg


GRIPS: VELO VLG-776-12D3+VLP-171

KICKSTAND: Rear, adjustable length, aluminium


Length: 187.5 cm

Distance from saddle to stem: 68 cm

Height (max saddle-ground): 108.5 cm

Height (max handlebar-ground): 105 cm

Height (seatpost clamp-ground): 81 cm

Height (frame overstep-ground): 77.4 cm

Maximum load: 125 kg

Battery capacity - is measured in Wh (watt hours) or Ah (amper hours) and usually correlates with the maximum distance bike can cover with a fully charged battery. More capacity - longer range.

Maximum range - Specifies the maximum route length you can travel on one full battery charge. The distance depends on the rider's weight, battery capacity, weather, terrain difficulty as well as the level of selected support mode. Please note that over the years of use - battery capacity will become lower. This is a normal chemical process of Li-Ion battery cell aging. Improper use and/or modifications may reduce the maximum range.

Bike weight - Total weight of all bicycle components - engine, battery, frame and accessories. EcoBike electric bicycles have the lowest weight-power ratio.

Engine power - The nominal power of the electric bicycle's engine, which is legal in most EU countries.

Maximum engine power - The power of the electric bicycle's engine, which can be produced without speed limiter and may require replacing some parts to handle the voltages/amperage for the desired power. Maximum engine power cannot be selected by the user without making some hardware/software modifications. Removing limiter may require to register bike as an e-moped. In such case, different road laws applied as well. Improper modifications can lead to a damage of the e-bike system and nor the seller, nor manufacturer will be responsible for any losses or injuries.

Lifespan - stated number can be lower if stored and used improperly

Maximum speed is up to 25 km/h, which can be maintained by the engine. Once speed limit is reached - engine shuts off and you have to pedal it to reach higher speeds. Engine only works while pedaling (pedal assist). Bike does not have a speed lever. Support levels are selected on the controller on handlebar.

Warranty - All EcoBike bikes have 2-year warranty for a bike frame and parts. Battery has 1-year warranty. For other warranty terms and exceptions please contact us or you can find it on our webpage.

IMPORTANT (last updated: 2023-03-16): Despite Covid-19 situation in most countries have normalized – the effects of this pandemic are still present. Due to sustained extremely high levels of demand in conjunction with the intense pressure on delivery chains, some parts may be replaced with alternatives of equivalent value, so bicycle will be assembled with them. Those parts may have different color, model, manufacturer and/or size, diameter for some parts (handlebar/stem/seatpost). To keep overall technical level the same, manufacturer will use technically identically matching alternatives. Changes in the production process are made during planned production, so producers do not always have the ability or obligation to give advance notice about these changes. As a result, we may not always be able to change the description and/or photo in time. If bicycle has some parts that does not match the description below and there are no compatibility/technical issues – manufacturer will not replace it! In the worst case, i.e. if a compromise cannot be found between the two parties - if you as a consumer are not happy with the replacement - the bike can be returned, but it must be unused.

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Elektro velosipēds Ecobike SX5 29" 36V 2023
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Elektro velosipēds Ecobike SX5 29" 36V 2023

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