Pārslēdzēju roktura SRAM X5 3-speed

Produkta kods: 00.7015.198.020
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Apraksts - Pārslēdzēju roktura SRAM X5 3-speed
The X5 Trigger shifter from SRAM offers you proven performance, a high-quality feel and high market acceptance. The X5 is another fantastic and high quality product in SRAM's shifter range. It is light, robust and has already been put through its paces in downhill world cups.

Product technical specifications

  • Suitable for SRAM 1:1 rear derailleurs as well as SRAM and Shimano front derailleurs
  • Easy and precise gear changes
  • Series: X5
  • Body Material: aluminium, composite
  • Lever Material: aluminium, composite
  • Gearing: 3-speed
  • Gear Indicator: no
  • Technology: 1:1 Actuation™, Exact Actuation™


1:1 Actuation – Thanks to 1:1 Actuation™ technology, the rear derailleur moves at the same rate for every millimetre of retracted shifter cable. The gear range works smoothly and with precision, and effortlessly masters even mud and rocky terrain. Completely independent of location and weather conditions, the rear derailleur works reliably, tolerantly and is easy to install and even easier to adjust.

Exact Actuation – For the first introduction of its road bike technologies, SRAM has once again relied on the proven SRAM MTB 1:1 gear ratio (shift cable travel : rear derailleur movement) for 10-speed shifting. Exact Actuation™ helps to achieve a simpler and more stable balance between the design of the rear derailleur suspension, tight cog spacing and exact cable tension. The result: a shifting system that is child's play to operate..

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Pārslēdzēju roktura SRAM X5 3-speed
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Pārslēdzēju roktura SRAM X5 3-speed

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